Guaranteed Rent For Landlords

Zero rental voids
Zero tenant communication
Zero administration work
Zero commission to pay

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Guaranteed Rent
One of the biggest risks investors fear is the loss of income when their property is unoccupied (a rental void is the period when there is no tenant paying rent).

We secure continuous rental income by setting up a guaranteed rental agreement with you.

‘No Risk’ Service
Our ‘No Risk Guaranteed Rent’ service keeps your monthly rental income flowing whether the property is tenanted or empty.

If your property is vacant awaiting a new tenant, the same amount of rental income will still be paid into your bank account on the agreed dates.

How It Works
Century Lion becomes your tenant, guaranteeing you a fixed monthly income. We then let your property, taking care to find the right tenants and managing the property on your behalf.

Once your property is accepted onto our guaranteed rent scheme, you will may no longer have to pay council tax or utility bills for this property.

Benefits To You
You get a guaranteed rental income every month. If the property is empty or if the tenant pays late or doesn’t pay at all, you still get paid.

We deal with all the tenant’s issue, carry out regular property inspections and manage maintenance and repairs. Your guaranteed rent agreement with us can start today and will run for a set period.


I'm very pleased with Century Lion taking care of my investment property and can't recommend them enough. I'm just a happy lady that doesn't have to worry about my fixed rental income every month because it always reaches my bank account.